It was the Mófarguru,                  
                  it will be the Moonbird

What is the mófarguru?

The Mófarguru (Latin name: Scilutaurus) is a little known animal that lives far away from humans on uninhabited oceanic islands. Today science has revealed a great many things to man, and thus the origin and life of the Mófarguru is no longer the mystery it once was.

It was for a long time widely believed that the Mófarguru was a cross between the squirrel, wolf and kangaroo, which is apparent from these creatures’ Hungarian names mókus, farkas, and kenguru respectively. The latest research, however, has shown that the owl is also clearly present in the hybrid...

(You will can find the continuation after a new restaurant open.)

What is the moonbird?

The moonbird like the mófarguru is living far away from humans on uninhabited oceanic islands. There are many peculiar animals, it has a very interesting fauna of these islands and the moonbird has a cultic significance in the lives of the tribes living there.

(You will can find the continuation after a new restaurant open.)

The interior design and decorations

The interior design of the restaurant is special. The natural atmosphere is nice, and the guests enjoyed it's peculiarity.
The decorations is mainly made of wood, bamboo and coconut fibers with pleasant lights and quiet music in the background the restaurant was really unique.

The world recorder menu

Also it is the Mófarguru, the world recorder menu and our customers understood us twelve languages. 

Our foods

Our dishes are equally characterized by international well-know cuisine (for exemple Greek salad, Hungarian gulash, Wiener Schnitzel, Spaghetti Bolognese or French onion soup), and as well as by our recipes.
The wide range selection in the menu is unique in the world!

The work of  long years has brought it's results in 2006, we have received international recognition, wich made us generally known all over in the world.

I've made it once, and I'm ready to make it again anywhere in the world.

Our cookbook

Our menu is an international kitchen with Hungarian basic.
Most people think in the world that the Hungarian kitchen is the same as goulash and nothing more, but in fact we use 948 pages of this book.

The background music

The background music of restaurant is as the menu, it is from around the world.
A little taste of:

The movie

The movie...

My management system

Restaurants around the world are made with very diverse organisations. The simplest form is to have a name and a menu and to prepare dishes based on some recipes.

This basic level (which cannot be professionally assessed) is then increased in different restaurants to different levels. There are restaurants where they also care about the furnishing of the restaurant, they deal with marketing, they apply price calculation in pricing, or they choose the background music and so on.

       The operational system of Mófarguru is much more complicated. Is all this is necessary? I think a restaurant can be run much simpler, however, this is why Mófarguru is the way it is, and every part of our management system adds something to the entity of the restaurant.