My management system

 Restaurants around the world are made with very diverse organisations. The simplest form is to have a name and a menu and to prepare dishes based on some recipes.

This basic level (which cannot be professionally assessed) is then increased in different restaurants to different levels. There are restaurants where they also care about the furnishing of the restaurant, they deal with marketing, they apply price calculation in pricing, or they choose the background music and so on.

The operational system of Mófarguru is much more complicated. Is all this is necessary? I think a restaurant can be run much simpler, however, this is why Mófarguru is the way it is, and every part of our management system adds something to the entity of the restaurant.
The illustration below is hard to decipher because of the too small letters, therefore I am presenting this at the end of the Business Plan (12.f section), and I am also explaining some points of it there.