Next, step by step

I will build our marketing on the following items:
-   A movie about the world record attempt,
-   Our menu book, the range of offer, the world record and its attempt,
-   The loyality card system,
-   Special, own marketing tools,
-   Tested games for customers,
-   The marketing value of the restaurant software (self-developed software)
-   The internet, our website and instagram site,
-   The Moonbird figure and its legend,
-   Other tales of the animals from the islands, where thw moonbird are living,
-   Last but not least being our multilingual menu.

The steps of building of the restaurant's operations:
-   'Smallest' menu with 600-700 items,
-   Continuous conversion of equipment
-   Basic training of staff
We are planning to contract a television producer company who will shoot and market a movie about the record attempt. This movie could follow the story from taking over a restaurant and finding the right staff through preparing for the world record and the attempt itself. Therefore the right company should be contracted as soon as the lease contract has been signed.
-   'Biggest' menu with 1200-1300 items,
-   The equipment is ready,
-   Second level training of staff,
-   The introduction of the loyality cards
-   Our menu is available in 4-6 languages
The restaurant now works according to the world record experiment.
-   Preparing for a world record attempt,
-   The menu already virtually is matching the numbers of items of the record experiment,
-   First game of the loyalty customers.
The world record attempt, and our menu is available in 8-10 languages.
After the world record attempt,
-   The movie of world record attempt's presentation,
-   Our menu is available in 20-25 languages.