The past 2 (Introducing Mófarguru)

What is the Mófarguru? The Mófarguru is a peculiar animal, and no one knows whether it is imaginary or real.
What is the Mófarguru? The Mófarguru was a really interesting restaurant in Budapest. When I started it in 2001 my aim was not to achieve maximum profit as soon as feasible but to create and refine the Mófarguru style.
Of course we also traded for money on the market but there was much more in it than that. We wanted to create something nobody had done before and then sell it as a franchise or build another business for myself.

There used to be a Mófarguru:
Mófarguru Budapest opened in 2001. This first restaurant was based entirely on my ideas and seemed quite peculiar for the first glance as it ignored several entrenched habits and traditions. Amongst these was that the whole restaurant was non-smoking (though at that time it could have been separated a smoking area) which was quite unusual at that time both in Budapest and in the rest of the world. It also boasted a curious interior with tables of unusual shape and a corner with cushions and low tables for sitting on the floor. We started with a very large menu which was available in six languages right from the beginning.
In the following years we managed to create a clear image and the eccentric restaurant became an extraordinary place. We introduced a table with swings instead of chairs, we developed a record large menu certified by the Guinness World Records in 2006 and we swelled the number of available menu languages to twelve. By the end of 2007 we were offering our menu in Hungarian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Croatian, Portugese, Slovakian and Czech languages. By 2006 we also refined our choice of ambience music, supplementary materials and marketing.