The style

Our slogans used throughout the years speak well of the style of Mófarguru:
-   Mófarguru, the restaurant that chats quietly
-   Looking from Mófarguru, you are in the centre of the world
-   The Mófarguru is a restaurant, or a bit more
-   Mófarguru, without the smoke
-   The Mófarguru is more than the others
-   People come to Mófarguru for being here
-   International cuisine, Mófarguru style

In the future my intention is to follow the same directions. My aim is set a new record with the largest available offer and to expand the number of available menu languages which is also another possibility for a world record.

In the interior, the setup, the back ground music and the supplementary materials I would like to follow the way of the Budapest restaurant, I would, however, also like to expand the marketing activities with new ideas and methods.

The Hungarian hospitality has a long tradition and the level of training is still excellent in several institutions. The waiting is not considered as a real profession in many cultures and therefore literally and practically anybody can become a waiter. We can gain a substantial headstart only by employing trained waiters; waiters as we understand them. Customers feel that the waiter is serving them from the moment they enter the premises. The waiting in the world is most often about not more than delivering beverages and food to the tables, yet we believe that with proper training it is possible to teach people how to serve customers properly.

Concerning the kitchen, I also want to employ professionally trained staff, especially as teamwork is essential in this environment. While waiting is mostly an individual or pair work, the kitchen staff has to work in an effective team constantly, including everybody from the head-chef to the kitchen porter. Everybody has to understand the working of the system, their task in the processes and when and who they can substitute in case it is needed for seamless operation.

To sum up, we are different from other is the followings and my aim is to make our target audience to choose us when deciding on where to eat based on our special interior, menu, food, atmosphere, service.
-    Own recipes and dishes
-    The unique interior
-    Interior solely make of natural materials
-    World recorder menu
-    The world record attempt
-    Menu available in numerous languages
-    Hand-made Menu-books
-    Quality of service
-    Swings and floor seatings
-    Selected ambience music
-    Our loyality card system
-    Games of loyality customers